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1-70 Bag containing 10 marbles of different colorsImagine that you have a bag containing 10 marbles of different colors. You have drawn a marble, recorded its color, and replaced it fifty times, with the following results: 9 purple, 16 orange, 6 yellow, and 19 green marbles. Make a prediction for how many marbles of each color are in the bag. Show all of your work or explain your reasoning. Homework Help ✎

What is the experimental probability of drawing each color of marble?

Add up all of the draws.

9 + 16 + 6 + 19 = 50

Multiply by 10 to find the number of each color of marble in the bag. Make sure to round to the nearest whole number.

2 purple, 3 orange, 1 yellow, 4 green.

Divide each number of draws by the total number to find the experimental probability.