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Camille had a very fun birthday party with lots of friends and family attending. The party lasted for hours. She and her friends played games for of the time, ate pizza and cake for of the time, and spent the remainder of the time opening presents. Draw a diagram and make calculations to show the amount of time spent opening presents.  

A vertical rectangle. The rectangle at right can represent the 3-hour party.
Subdivide the rectangle into 8 equal portions and shade 3 to represent the time spent playing games.

If three eighths of the party was game playing and was eating, the length of the party can be represented like this. How much time remains? The rectangle is divided into 8 rows of 3 columns, with the top row unshaded, rows 2, 3, & 4 are shaded grey, and bottom 4 rows are shaded yellow.

One eighth of the total party, minutes or hours.

A vertical rectangle.

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