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 Use your reasoning about numbers to answer the following questions.  

  1. If multiplying by  makes a positive number smaller, then what does dividing by  do to the value of the number?  Explain your reasoning.  

    If multiplication and division are opposite operations, what do you think will happen?

    If you are still unsure, choose a number and test by multiplying and dividing the number by one fourth. What do you notice? Make sure to explain what happens.

  2. If multiplying by does not change the value of a number, then what effect does multiplying by  have?  Explain your reasoning. 

    What is  equivalent to?

    It does not change the value of a number. Be sure to explain why. 

  3. If you find of a number, do you expect the answer to be greater or less than the number?  What if you find ?  Explain your reasoning.  

    How do and relate to ? Which value is smaller and which value is greater than ?