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Justin is working with the integer tiles shown in the diagram at right.  

  1. What is the value of Justin’s diagram?

Use the method of finding zeros to solve this problem.

  1. If Justin removes three positive tiles, what will the value be?

    If you find it helpful, you can draw a new diagram. Also, you can use mental math to subtract three from the value you found in part (a).

    To get you started, here is how the new diagram might look.

  2. If Justin starts with the original diagram and removes three negative tiles, what will the value be?

    Your diagram will be similar to the one in part (b) but three negative tiles will be missing instead. Remember to remove the zero pairs.

  1. Justin has a new arrangement of tiles shown at right. If he removes four positive tiles, what will the value be?

    Only negative tiles will be left, so your answer should be a negative number.