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What is the length of the marked portion of each line segment? Copy the segment onto your paper before finding the missing length. Assume that the entire line segment is subdivided into equal sections.  

  1. A line segment from 0 to you 75, divided in 3 equal sections. A bracket enclosed the first section, labeled with a question mark.

    Each segment represents , since is broken into equal sections.

  1. A line segment, from 0 to 75, divided into 5 equal sections. A bracket includes the first 3 sections, labeled with a question mark.

    How many segments is broken into? Use this to figure out the value of each segment.

    . Be sure to show why this answer is correct.

  1. A line segment, from 0 to 50, divided into 5 sections. A bracket includes all sections, except the first and last, labeled question mark.

    How is this problem the same or different than parts (a) and (b)?