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Find the perimeter and area of each figure made of algebra tiles below.  

  1. A row of algebra tiles, from left to right: 1 vertical, x tile, 1, x squared tile, and 1 unit tile, placed in the middle right on the x squared tile.

    The perimeter is the distance around a shape, so add the lengths of all the sides.

    To find the area, add the areas of the different parts of the figure, which are labeled in the problem.

    Perimeter: units
    Area: units2

  1. One horizontal x tile and 1 unit tile placed more than half of the way from the left under the x tile.

    Follow the steps from part (a). It may help to label the sides of the figure.

    The perimeter of the figure is  units.

  1. 1 x squared tile and 1 vertical x tile connected at the right and one horizontal x tile connected on top. 1 unit tile is placed on the left edge of the x squared tile more than half way down.

    Remember that the area of the figure is the sum of the labels of each tile, since the tiles are named for their area.