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Write the expression as shown on the Expression Mats. Then simplify by making zeros and combining like terms.  

  1. An equation mat with the following tiles: Row 1:1 positive x and 1 positive unit. Row 2, 1 negative x, and 2 negative units. Row 3: 1 negative x, 1 positive unit, 1 negative unit.

    Remember that shaded tiles are positive and white tiles are negative.

  1. An equation mat with the following tiles. Row 1: 1 negative x, 2 positive x, 1 x squared. Row 2: 1 positive unit, and 1 negative unit tile.

Use the eTool below to solve the problems in part a and b.
Click the link at right for the full version of the eTool: 5-113 HW eTool (CPM)