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Find the area and perimeter of each shape below. Show your steps and work.  

  1. All angles are right angles.

    An enclosed figure, starting at the bottom left corner, Up 5, right 5, down an unknown amount, right 3, up 2, right 5, down an unknown amount, left an unknown amount, to enclose the figure.

    Label the missing sides.

    Additional labels added so the enclosed figure can be drawn as follows, starting at bottom left corner: Up 5, right 5, down 2, right 3, up 2, right 5, down 5, left 13, to enclose the figure.

    One method for calculating the area is to think of the shape as a large rectangle with a small () rectangle missing.


  1. A  horizontal trapezoid, with a rectangle removed from the top side, so that the top edge, starting at top left corner, would be right 4, down 2, right 3, up 2, right 4. Other side labels: right side, 10, bottom, 23, left side, 10. A dashed line segment, labeled 8, from the top right vertex, perpendicular to the bottom side.

    Area of a trapezoid.