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In this course, you will need to be able to work with numbers, words, and geometric representations. Use each of these representations to answer the following problems. Homework Help ✎

  1. Draw and shade a figure that represents . Label your figure “.” Then describe the figure in words.

    If you have of one pie, how many pies do you have?

    Diagrams vary, but can be described as a whole.

  1. Similarly, draw and shade figures that represent , , and . Label each figure and describe it in words.

    Remember that percentages are just fractions with a denominator of .

    Diagrams vary. One half, one fourth, one and one half.

  2. Write another fraction that is equivalent to . Draw diagrams to show that they are equal. Then find the equivalent decimals for both fractions and write the equivalent percent.

    Remember that fractions with denominators of can be easily changed to percentages and that percentages can easily be changed to decimals.

  3. Draw and shade a figure that represents “one third.” How can this figure be represented with a number?

    You have a three-piece pie and decided to eat one of the pieces. How much of the pie did you eat?

  4. Describe what the diagram below represents using words and numbers.

    Rectangle evenly divided into to rows of 5 square boxes. One box is shaded.

    There are blocks total, but only shaded block.

    One tenth,