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Recall the Diamond Problem pattern that you found in problem 1-4, which is represented in the diamond at right. Copy and complete the Diamond Problems below using the same pattern. Homework Help ✎

x,y diamond problem

  1. Diamond problem with -9 in left and -5 in right diamond

  • Multiply the two given numbers together to get the top number. Add the given numbers together to get the bottom number.

    The product of two negative numbers is positive. The sum of two negative numbers is negative.

  1. Diamond problem with 9 in left and 7 in bottom diamond

  • What added to equals ?

  1. Diamond problem with 6 in top and 5 in bottom diamond

  • What are the factors of ? Which pair has a sum of ?

  1. Diamond problem with 1/2 in left and 4 in bottom diamond

  • Subtract one half from to find the right-side number.