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First decide if the triangles below are similar. Then, if they are similar, use the information in each diagram to solve for .  

  1. Two triangles with same orientation, labeled as follows: Larger triangle D, E, F: Side, e, d, 9, Side, D, F, 6, and side, E, F, x. Smaller triangle, A, B, C, side, A, B, 6, side, A, C, 4, and side, B, C, 7.

    If only two pair of corresponding sides have equal ratios, can you conclude that the triangles are similar?

  1. Careful!
    Large triangle has a segment that appears to be parallel to the base creating a smaller triangle inside. The segment has length, 7, and the base of the large triangle is, x. The left side of the large triangle has 2 sections with lengths 12 on top and 4 on bottom. The right base angle, of each triangle, is marked to show they are congruent.

    The two triangles are similar (by ).

    Draw two separate triangles, then write a proportion and solve for .