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The graph below describes the distance two cars have traveled after leaving a football game at the University of Minnesota.  

A first quadrant graph, x axis, scaled by ones, from 0 to 4. and labeled, Time in hours. Y axis labeled, Distance in miles. Line A goes through the origin and the point (2, comma 80). Line B goes through the points (1, comma 0) and (2, comma 80).

  1. Which car was traveling faster? How can you tell?

    You can find this by discovering which car traveled a greater distance in a shorter amount of time.

    Car B was traveling faster.

    Its line is steeper.

  2. The lines cross at . What does this point represent?

    What are the units for the and coordinates?

    In hours, both cars will be miles from the game.

  3. Assuming that Car A continued to travel at a constant rate, how far did Car A travel in the first hours?

    Because Car A traveled miles in hours at a constant rate, it went miles in hour.
    If the Car A travels miles every hour, how far will it travel in hours?