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The amount of money Theresa earns at her job varies directly with the number of hours she works. This means that her earnings are proportional with the time she works. She knows that when she works hours, she earns . When she works hours, she earns .  

  1. How much do you predict Theresa would earn after working hours?

  • How much does she make in hour? Multiply this value by to find how much she makes in hours.

    You could also use a proportion to solve this problem.

  1. Use the unit rate to explain how can you find Theresa’s earnings () if she works for hours.

    The unit rate is .

    After hours, she earns dollars.

  2. Create a complete graph of Theresa’s earnings over time. Should the graph be continuous or discrete? Explain your decision.

    Substitute numbers for and solve for . Plot these points on a graph.