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Write the equation represented by the diagram at right. Explore using the

  1. Simplify as much as possible and then solve for .

    Change all subtraction to addition.

    Combine like terms

    Add 2 to both sides.

    Move the variable to one side of the equation.

  2. Check your solution.

    Insert the number you got for x into your original equation to make sure it is correct.

Shaded tile is plus 1.  Tile is negative 1.

A 4 region equation mat with tiles as follows. Positive left: 1 positive unit & 3 negative units. Negative left: 3 negative x's. Positive right: 1 negative x & 3 negative units. Negative right: 2 positive units & 1 positive x.

Use the eTool to manipulate the Algebra tiles to help you with this problem.
Click the link at right for the full version of the eTool: 4-9 HW eTool

Be sure to know how to get this equation.