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  1. The box plot at right shows the different grades (in percents) that students in Ms. Sanchez’s class earned on a recent test. Homework Help ✎

    1. What was the median score on the test? What were the highest and lowest scores?

    2. Did most students earn a particular score? How do you know?

    3. If Ms. Sanchez has 32 students in her class, about how many students earned a grade of 80% or higher? About how many earned more than 90%? Explain how you know.

    4. Can you tell if the scores between 80% and 90% were closer to 80% or closer to 90%? Explain.

Do you remember how to read a box plot?

Can this be determined from a box plot?

Since 80% is the median, half of the class earned 80% or higher and half earned lower than 80%.

16 students earned 80% or higher, 8 students earned 90% or higher

Can this be determined from a box plot?