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Nate and Rick were still talking about cars. Nate claimed that cars with more powerful engines were more expensive than cars with less powerful engines. (The power of a car’s engine is usually measured in horsepower (hp).) His reason was that his -horsepower sports car was worth more than Rick’s -horsepower small economy car. To investigate Nate’s claim, the boys looked up information about their friends’ cars. The table at right shows their results.   

Rick and Nate’s Data

Power (hp)

Car Price
(thousands of )

  1. Does the information in the table support Nate’s claim that cars with more powerful engines cost more? Is there a relationship between the power of a car’s engine and the price of a car?

  • Look at the data. Do cars with more powerful engines seem to cost more money?

    • There is no association between engine power and car price.

  1. Set up a graph and plot the points from the table. Now do you believe Nate’s claim? Explain your reasoning.

    Your conclusion should not change since a graph is just a visual representation of the data.

    Use the eTool below to create a graph from the table.
    Click the link at right for the full version of the eTool:  7-17 HW eTool