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Make a graph of Team 2’s data from problem 7-25.  

  1. Draw a straight line that models the trend of the data on this graph. Remember, the line does not need to intersect each of the points.

    Remember that a line of best fit has about the same number of points above and below the line.

  2. Use your line of best fit to predict the height of the plant when the seed is planted cm deep.

    If you were to draw a horizontal line from the line of best fit to the -axis, where would it cross?

  3. What is the -intercept? Interpret the -intercept in this situation.

    Where does the line of best fit cross the -axis?

    The -intercept is how tall we can expect the plant to grow if it is planted on the surface.

    Complete the table in the eTool below to help solve this problem.
    Click the link at right for the full version of the eTool: 7-30 HW eTool