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Okie is a western lowland gorilla living at the Franklin Park Zoo near Boston, MA. He loves to finger paint! Many of his paintings have been sold because their colors are so interesting. One painting was sold for five times the amount of a second, and a third was sold for . If the total sale was for , how much did the most expensive painting sell for? Homework Help ✎

Define a variable and then write and solve an equation to solve the problem. Remember to write your answer as a complete sentence.

okie painting

Three paintings were sold for .
Of the three paintings, the third sold for and the other two are unknown but are related because one sold for five times the second.
Use this information to construct the 5-D process.

Use these guidelines to run your own trials in order to find the values of that will total .
Then, see if Painting #1 or Painting #2 is the most expensive painting.
A trial run example is done for you.