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Jeffrey and Liz are each saving money for college. Their savings are shown in the graph at right.

  1. Based on the graph, who is saving money fastest? Justify your answer.

    A steeper slope means that more money is being saved for a given time period.

    Who has the line with the steeper slope?

  2. Estimate the slope of each line. What does the slope tell you about this situation?

    Find the change in and divide by the change in for each line.

    The slope is the rate at which each person saved money.

First quadrant graph with 2 increasing lines. X axis labeled, Time in months, Y axis labeled, Amount saved in dollars.  The line labeled, Liz, goes through the points (0, comma 0), and (4, comma 120). The line labeled, Jeff, goes through the points  (0, comma 10), and (3, comma 80).