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Since the beginning of school, Steven has been saving money to buy a new MP3 player. His bank balance is represented by the graph below.

First quadrant graph: X, axis labeled, Weeks of School, Y, axis labeled, Bank Balance,  with the following points: (0.5 comma 30), (1, comma 35), (1.5, comma 41), (2, comma 40), (2.5, comma 35,) and (5, comma 60).

  1. According to the graph, about how much money had Steven saved after weeks of school?

    Imagine that there were a point marking the 2nd week exactly (it would be close to points just before and just after week 2). What is the -coordinate for this point?

    He's saved about

  2. About how much money did Steven probably have after weeks of school? How can you tell?

    Imagine a line that best represents the trend of the graph.

    What is the -coordinate of the line when is ?


  3. If he keeps saving at the same rate, how much will he have saved by Week 7? Explain how you know.

    Follow the steps in part (b).