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Consider the situation described below.

  1. Meredith lives blocks from her friend’s house. If she travels block every minute, how many minutes will it take her to reach her friend’s house? What if she travels blocks every minute? Show how you calculated each answer.

    Think of Meredith's rate as block per minute. To find out how long it takes to go blocks, divide the distance, , by her rate, .

    minutes. Now use the same method to find how long it will take if her rate is blocks per minute.

    minutes. This is for two blocks per minute.

  2. Copy and complete the table below to represent the amount of time it would take Meredith to get to her friend’s house if she traveled at different rates.

    Speed (in blocks per minute)

    Time to Get to Her Friend’s House (in mins)

    Refer to part (a) to fill in the table. You already know the first two answers.

  1. What happens to the time it takes to get to her friend’s house as Meredith’s speed increases? Explain.

    Look at the table you have created. Does the time increase or decrease?

    The time decreases.

    Explore using the eTool below.
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