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Which graphs below have a domain of all numbers? Which have a range of all numbers? Which are functions?  

  1. A curved continuous graph with arrows on both ends that rises from the bottom left to the point (negative 1, comma 3), then falls to the point (1, comma 2), then rises again.

  1. A upside down V with arrows at the ends of the V and a vertex at (1, comma 6).

  1. A parabola on its side opening to the right and vertex at (negative 2, comma 1).

In which graph do all values of have a corresponding -value?
Refer to the Math Notes box in Lesson 1.2.5.

Graphs (a) and (b)

In which graphs do all values of have a corresponding -value?

Graphs (a) and (c)

A function can only have one -value for each -value.