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Write expressions to represent the quantities described below.  

  1. Geraldine is years younger than Tom. If Tom is years old, how old is Geraldine? Also, if Steven is twice as old as Geraldine, how old is he?

    Geraldine is years younger than Tom, so Tom's age subtracted by is Geraldine's age: 

    Steven is twice as old as Geraldine: . Remember that Geraldine's age is equal to .

  2. people went to see “Ode to Algebra” performed in the school auditorium. If the number of children that attended the performance was , how many adults attended?

    We know that a total of people attended the Ode to Algebra. There were two main groups of people
    (the children and the adults) so: yields the amount of adults.

  3. The cost of a new CD is , and the cost of a video game is . How much would CDs and video games cost?

  • Refer to both problems (a) and (b) for help. Use what you know about the problem to create a
    logical expression.