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Write expressions to represent the quantities described below. Homework Help ✎

  1. Geraldine is years younger than Tom. If Tom is t years old, how old is Geraldine? Also, if Steven is twice as old as Geraldine, how old is he?

    Geraldine is 4 years younger than Tom, so Tom's age subtracted by 4 is Geraldine's age: (t − 4)

    Steven is twice as old as Geraldine: 2(t − 4). Remember that Geraldine's age is equal to (t − 4).

  2. people went to see “Ode to Algebra” performed in the school auditorium. If the number of children that attended the performance was c, how many adults attended?

    We know that a total of 150 people attended the Ode to Algebra. There were two main groups of people
    (the children and the adults) so: (150 − c) yields the amount of adults.

  3. The cost of a new CD is , and the cost of a video game is . How much would c CDs and v video games cost?

  • Refer to both problems (a) and (b) for help. Use what you know about the problem to create a
    logical expression.