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Hotdogs and corndogs were sold at last night's football game. Use the information below to write mathematical sentences to help you determine how many corndogs were sold. Homework Help ✎

  1. The number of hotdogs sold was three fewer than twice the number of corndogs. Write a mathematical sentence that relates the number of hotdogs and corndogs. Let represent the number of hotdogs and represent the number of corndogs.

  2. A hotdog costs and a corndog costs . If was collected, write a mathematical sentence to represent this information.

    Multiply the number of hotdogs by and the number of corndogs by .
    Add the products and set them equal to .

  3. How many corndogs were sold? Show how you found your answer.

  • Substitute from the equation in part (a) into the equation in part (b).

    Solve for .