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In problem 6-10, Battle Creek Cereal was considering a variety of packaging options for Toasted Oats cereal. They wish to predict the net weight of cereal based on the amount of cardboard used for the package. Below is a list of six current packages.

Packaging cardboard (in2)

Net weight of cereal (g)



  1. In a previous lesson, you may have hand-drawn a line of best fit for this data. Now use your calculator to find the equation of the LSRL. Sketch the scatterplot.

  2. Sketch the residual plot and interpret it.

    Does the data fit the residual plot well? What does that indicate about the model that should be used?

  3. Since this equation involves area (a function with an exponent of 2) and weight (a function with an exponent of 3), try fitting a power model to your data. Recall that a power model has an exponent in it, and has the form y = axb. Make a residual plot and interpret it.

    This is similar to part (b). Which graph fits the data best?

  4. What is the equation of the model that fits your data best?