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Find a rule that represents the number of tiles in Figure for the tile pattern below. Homework Help ✎

Figures 1, 2, and 3


The red circles point out the left arms,
the green circles point out the rectangles,
and the blue circles point out the right arms.

Notice the following:
The length of the rectangle in Figure 1 is 3 units × 2 units;
the rectangle in Figure 2 is 4 units × 3 units;
and the rectangle in Figure 3 is 5 units × 4 units.

First, look at the left arm. It remains constant in each of these figures, with a value of .

Let Figure number.
There is a rule for the size of the rectangles:
where represents the length
and represents the width.

Now, consider the right arms. Its length matches its corresponding figure number.

left arm rectangle right arm

Now simplify.