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Translate the Equation Mat at right into an equation. Remember that the double line represents “equals.” Homework Help ✎

Shaded tile is plus 1.  Tile is negative 1.     A 4 region equation mat. Positive Left: 2 negative, x tiles, and 2 positive unit tiles. Negative Left: 1 negative, x tile, and 4 positive unit tiles. Positive Right: 2 positive unit tiles, and 3 negative unit tiles. Negative Right: 1 positive, x tile, and 2 negative unit tiles.

Tackle the Equation Mat corner by corner: top left, bottom left, top right, bottom right.
Remember, the problem does not ask you to simplify.

(−2x + 2) − (−x + 4) = ?

Use the Algebra tiles in the eTools below to help you write an equation.
Click on the link at right for the full eTool version: CCA A-92 HW eTool