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In this course, you will learn shortcuts that allow you to sketch many different types of graphs quickly and accurately. However, when the directions ask you to graph an equation or to draw a graph, this means it is not just a sketch you should do quickly. You need to:

  • Use graph paper.

  • Scale your axes appropriately.

  • Label key points.

  • Plot points accurately.

On separate sets of axes, graph each of the following equations. If you do not remember any shortcuts for graphing, you can always make an table.  


    Graph the -intercept first.

    Notice the NEGATIVE slope.

    Decreasing line, passing through the points (0, comma 7), & (3.5, comma 0).


    Remember the slope is RISE OVER RUN.

    Increasing line, going through the points, (0, comma 1) & (negative 1.6, comma 0).


    Solve for before graphing.

    Decreasing line, going through the points,  (0, comma 3) & (2, comma 0).


    Try making a table. Remember to use negative numbers.

    An upwards parabola with the vertex at (0, comma 0).