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Junior is saving money in his piggy bank. He starts with and adds two pennies each day. Create an table and a graph for the function for which represents the number of days since Junior started saving money and represents the total money he has saved.   

Make a table where represents the number of days and represents the total so far.

How much did he start with on day 0?

How much did he have at the end of day 1? Day 2?...

What is the -intercept? The slope?

A step function: Each step is 1 unit long. The first step is at y = 9 from x = 0 to 1 with a closed circle on 0 and an open circle on 1. Each step goes up by 2 following the same pattern. 5 steps are shown.

Completed the table in the eTool below to graph the function.
Click the link to the right for full version of the eTool: 1-12 HW eTool