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Examine each graph below. Based on the shape of the graph and the labels of the axes, write a sentence to describe the relationship that each graph represents. Then state which axis represents the independent variable and which one represents the dependent variable.

  1. First quadrant graph, x axis labeled Gallons of Gas, y axis labeled, dollars, with increasing line starting at the origin and going through the point (4, comma 4).

    The more gas you buy, the more money you spend.
    Gallons are independent and dollars are dependent.

  1. First quadrant curve, x axis labeled, age, y axis labeled, height in inches, both unscaled, starts a fifth up the y axis, increases slowly for 1 tenth of x axis, then increases quickly, for another tenth, rising to almost half way up, & then levels out.

    People grow a lot in their early years, and then their growth slows. Age is independent and height is dependent.

  1. First quadrant graph, x axis labeled year, y axis labeled, levels of ozone concentration. The first point is, 1 sixth of the way, on x, and almost to the top, on y, then decreases quickly, then decreases slower, & starts to level out, 2 thirds of the way, across on the x.

    As time goes by, the ozone concentration goes down, although the effect is slowing. The year is independent and the ozone is dependent.

  1. First quadrant graph, x axis labeled, number of students, y axis labeled, number of classrooms. Graph is steps, with widths of 30, on each whole number on y axis, open circle on left side of step, and closed circle on right side of step. The first step starts at (0, comma 1).

    As the number of students grows, more classrooms are used and each classroom holds students.
    I: students, D: classrooms.

  1. What are all of the possible inputs of the graph in part (d)? What are all of the possible outputs?

    Possible inputs: can be any number between and including and .
    Possible outputs: .