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Imagine that you are adding water to the beakers shown below (labeled A, B, and C). Sketch a graph for each beaker to show the relationship between the volume of water added and the height of the water in each beaker. Put all three graphs on one set of axes (you may want to use colored pencils to distinguish the graphs). What are the independent and dependent variables?

3 cylinders labeled a, b, c, front left to right: A & b are same height, b is wider, c is taller & skinnier than both. Height on A is same as diameter on A, Diameter on B is same as height on C.

To make the graph, think about it this way: if you poured the same amount of water into each beaker, which one would look more full? Less full?

Independent Variable: volume of water
Dependent Variable: height of liquid

First quadrant graph with 3 lines starting at the origin and going upward: x axis labelled: Volume of Water Added. y axis labelled: Height of Liquid. Line C is the steepest about 80 degrees. Line A is about 45 degrees. Line, C is the least steep about 20 degrees.

First quadrant graph, x axis, Volume of Water added, y axis, height of liquid.