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  1. According to the National Health Statistics Report, the average height of adult women in the U.S. is 63.8 inches with a standard deviation of 2.7 inches. Heights can be modeled with a normal probability density function. Homework Help ✎

    1. What percent of women are under 4 ft 11 in. tall?

    2. Most girls reach their adult height by their senior year in high school. In North City High School’s class of 324 senior students, how many girls would you expect to be shorter than 4 ft 11 in.? (Note: Assume half of the senior students are girls.)

    3. How many senior girls do you expect to be taller than 6 ft at North City High?

First, note that 4 ft 11 in. must be converted to inches.

normalcdf(−10^99, 59, 63.8, 2.7)

Multiply 162 by the percentage found in part (a).

≈ 6

Follow the same steps you used in parts (a) and (b).