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of the homes in a small town in England have large backyards, and have garages. Assume that having a garage is independent of whether you have a large backyard.

  1. What is the probability a home has neither a garage nor a large backyard? Decide what the two variables in this situation are and make an area model to help answer the question. (See the Math Notes box in this lesson.)

    2 by 2 rectangle, columns labeled, Garage?, rows labeled, large backyard? Top edge labeled, yes, 0.8, & no. Left edge labeled, yes, 0.75, & no. The interior is not labeled.

    Now finish filling out the table. Be sure the review the Math Notes box in this lesson if you need more help.

  2. Given that a house has a garage, what is the conditional probability it has a large backyard?

    of the homes have garages. Of those, how many have large back yards?