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  1. Consider the function f(x) = ex. Homework Help ✎

    1. What is its inverse function, f −1(x)?

    2. Investigate f(x) and f −1(x).

    3. For what integer value of n is the graph of f −1(x) between the graphs of y = lognx and y = logn+1x?

    4. For what values of x is the graph of f −1(x) above each of the graphs in your answer to part (c)? For what x-values is it below?

If the function is y = ex the the inverse function is x = ey. Now solve for y.

Graph each function. State each function's domain, range, asymptote(s), and intercept(s).

ln x = logex

What is the value of e?

When does ln(x) = log2(x) = log3(x)?