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  1. Sports announcers frequently get excited when basketball players make several free throw shots in a row. They say things like “He’s on a hot streak tonight!” or “He’s really in the zone—what an amazing performance!” Are these “hot” streaks really special, or are they just a natural run to be expected by probability? Assume a basketball player has a 50% free throw average, and a typical game has 20 free throw attempts. Use your calculator to set up a simulation for 20 free throws. Homework Help ✎

    1. Run the simulation 25 times, and each time record the length of the longest streak.

    2. How long would a streak have to be before you considered it unusual?

Using your calculator, do randInt(0, 1, 25) → L1,where 0 represents a miss and 1 represents a make.
Note, you do not need to store the entries in List1,but it may be easier to count the lengths of the streaks.
You can also use an online random number generator such as www.randonm.org.

Answers will vary, but theoretically, a streak of 7 has a probability of 6%.