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  1. As part of a lesson in survey design, Janette asks her study team of four students the following question: “Given the association between movie violence and crime, what kind of movie would you rather watch: romantic comedy or action?” All four indicate they would rather watch a romantic comedy. She states in her conclusion, “It is obvious romantic comedies are the best.Homework Help ✎

    1. If the population of movie goers is actually equally split between those who prefer romantic comedies versus action movies, what is the chance of finding a group of 4 who unanimously prefer one genre over the other? Is it plausible?

    2. Write a few sentences commenting on the validity of Janette’s methods and her conclusion.

Draw a tree diagram.
Note: This is similar to flipping 4 coins because each person only has two choices.

How was the question introduced?
Also, how many choices were students given?