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A dart hits each of these dartboards at random. What is the probability that the dart will land in the unshaded area?

  1. 2 circles, 1 inside the other, both with same center, with area between the circles shaded. Line segment from center to outer circle edge, is cut in half where the Inner circle intersects the segment, each half labeled, 2.

    What is the area of the large circle? What about the small circle?

    After you find these areas, create a ratio that will give you the probability of hitting the shaded region.

  1. 3 circles, all with same center, innermost circle & area between middle & outside circle, shaded. Segment from center, to outer circle edge, cut into 3 pieces, where it intersects the 2 inner circles, each piece, labeled 2.

    Find the area of the unshaded region. What is the radius of the circle that is the unshaded region and the small, inner circle?

    Subtract the area of the small, inner circle.

    Find the area of the large circle and create a ratio, like you did in part (a).