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Draw the graph of . 2-82 HW eTool (Desmos). Homework Help ✎.

Use the eTool below to graph the equation.
Click the link at right for the full version of the eTool: CCA2 2-82 HW eTool

  1. Find the x- and y-intercepts.

    To find the y-intercept, substitute 0 for x.

    y = 0 + 0 + 1

    To find the x-intercepts, factor the equation and substitute 0 for y.

    The y-intercept is (0, 1) and the x-intercepts are (−1, 0) and 

  2. Where is the line of symmetry of this parabola? Write its equation.

    To find the line of symmetry, average the x-values of the

  3. Find the coordinates of the vertex.

    Substitute the x-value for the line of symmetry into the equation.