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For each of the following functions sketch the graph of the original and of .


    You can graph using the graphing patterns you’ve learned. Make a table for . Use x-values from to .

    2 V shaped graphs: Left, gray, vertex at (negative 4, comma 3), right, black, vertex at (4, comma 3)


    See part (a).

    2 decreasing curves, each with 2 sections. Left graph is black, with asymptotes, x axis &, x,= negative 4.  Right graph is gray with asymptotes, x axis &, x, = 4. Each section approaches the asymptotes as follows: Black Left section, horizontal from below, vertical, from right, right section horizontal from above, vertical from left. Gray left section, horizontal from above, vertical from left, right sections, horizontal from below, vertical from right.

  1. Is either of these functions odd or even? Justify your answer.

    Are either of these graphs symmetrical over the y-axis (even) or a rotation about the origin (odd)?