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In the year 2006, the average cost to rent a car was for the first day and an additional for each additional day.

  1. Graph the relationship between cost and the duration of a car rental in 2006.

    If you rent a car for half a day, three-quarters of a day, or a full day, you pay the same rate. What kind of graph is this?

    For days, days, or days you will pay for the first day and for the second, even if you are just late bringing the car back by an hour.

    Step function, x axis, duration, days, y axis, price, dollars. StepS, left open, right closed, width of 1, starting at (0, comma 39), (1, comma 62), & (2, comma 85).

  2. Describe how the graph would be transformed if the current average cost of a car rental has increased to for the first day.

    If you don't remember what it means to transform a graph you can look it up in the glossary.