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Phana’s garden is meters wide and meters long. She puts a walkway of uniform width around her garden. If the area of the walkway is square meters, what are the outer dimensions of the walkway? Drawing a diagram will help you solve this problem.

Draw a diagram.

Rectangle, with green rectangle centered inside, left side labeled, 2 meters, bottom side labeled, 5 meters.

Find the total area of the outside rectangle by adding
the area of the inside rectangle to the area of the walkway.

Added, blue dashed lines, perpendicular to sides, between top, bottom, right, & left sides, of inner & outer rectangles, each labeled, x.

If meters of walkway was added to each side, write an
expression for each side of the outside rectangle.

Now write an equation of the form (length)(width) = area and solve for .
Make sure you remember to answer the original question.