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Factor each expression below.

  1. Look for a greatest common factor.

  2. This is the difference of squares:

    If you need more help, look up difference of squares in the glossary or find your class work from Lesson 3.1.2.

  3. Always start by looking for a greatest common factor.

    Can you factor the polynomial further?

  4. Use a generic rectangle. Remember that the products of the diagonals must be equal.

    . Image of 2 by 2 rectangle.

    Start by filling in the first and last terms.

    Added to interior labeled, top left, 3, x squared, bottom right, negative 4. 

    What two numbers multiply to and add to ?  Added to rectangle, interior labels, top right, 1, x, bottom left, negative 12, x.

    Find the greatest common factor for each row and column.Added to rectangle, labels, left edge, top & bottom, each with question mark, bottom edge, left, 3, x, right, + 1.