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Without a calculator, find two solutions that make each of the following equations true. 

Compute without a calculator

  1. Draw a unit circle.Circle, with vertical & horizontal diameters, line segment, from the center, to a point in first quadrant, about 1 third from the top. Line segment, from the center to point in fourth quadrant, about 1 third from the bottom. A small inner circle sector, from x axis, to first quadrant radius, shaded red, labeled delta = 60 degrees. Same inner circle, with sector from first quadrant radius, going counter clockwise, to fourth quadrant radius, shaded blue, labeled, epsilon = 300 degrees.

    The cosine is where the value (red line) is 

    Answers: 60° and 300°

  1. Draw and label a unit circle as in part (a). Don't forget that the sine is the y-value! Which quadrants will the angles be in?

  1. See part (c).