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  1. For each of the following sets of numbers, find the equation of a function that has these numbers as roots. Homework Help ✎

    1. −3 + i and −3 − i

    2. 5 + and 5 −

    3. −2, , and −

    4. 4, −3 + i, and −3 − i

If these are the roots, what are the factors?

Multiply the factors.
You may want to use a generic rectangle.
The first row has been filled in for you.
Simplify after multiplying.

Use the same process as part (a).

What are the factors?

Multiply the last two factors first.
Then multiply the result by (x + 2).

Use the ideas from part (a) and (c) to help you.
How can you use the results from part (a) to make this problem easier?