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For each of the following sets of numbers, find the equation of a function that has these numbers as roots.

  1. and  

    If these are the roots, what are the factors?

    Multiply the factors.
    You may want to use a generic rectangle.
    The first row has been filled in for you.
    Simplify after multiplying.

    3 by 3 rectangle, top edge labeled, left, x, middle, 3, right, I, left edge labeled, top, x, middle, 3, bottom, negative i. Interior top row, labeled, left, x squared, middle, 3, x, right, I, x.

  1. and  

    Use the same process as part (a).

  1. , and − 

    What are the factors?

    Multiply the last two factors first.
    Then multiply the result by (x + 2).

  1. and  

    Use the ideas from part (a) and (c) to help you.
    How can you use the results from part (a) to make this problem easier?