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Home > CCA2 > Chapter 8 > Lesson 8.3.2 > Problem 8-148


Given the polynomial .

  1. What is ?

    Substitute into the equation for every .

  2. Use the Remainder Theorem to find one factor of . (See the Math Notes box in Lesson 8.3.2 above.)

    Since , is the zero of the function. What is the corresponding factor?

  3. Use (b) to find another factor.

    Try using a generic rectangle. A 2 by 3 rectangle, labeled as follows: left edge, x, minus 2, interior top, left, x, cubed.

    Labels added: top edge, left, x, squared, interior bottom, left, negative 2, x, squared, interior top, middle, negative 4, x squared.

    Labels added: top edge, middle, negative 4, x, interior bottom, middle, 8, x, interior top, right, negative x.

     Labels added: top edge, right, negative 1, interior bottom, right, 2.

  4. What are all the solutions of ?

    See part (a) for one solution.

    Use the Quadratic Formula to find the solutions to .