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Megan is an industrial engineer for Bowler Cola Company. She takes a random sample of cola cans from the production line each day to determine if the product meets various specifications. One of the measurements she records is the mass (in grams) of the filled cans. The following sorted data are from of a sample of regular and diet cola cans.

Note: The data is sorted so it is easy to work with without a statistical calculator.





  1. Find the five number summary (minimum, third quartile, median, first quartile, maximum) for each soda.

  2. Make a combination histogram and boxplot for each type of soda. Include the five number summary. Use an interval of to grams on the -axis and a bin width of grams.

  3. Describe the center, shape, spread, and any outliers, of each histogram.

  4. Compare the two samples.

  5. Each can is marked as containing fluid ounces. Twelve ounces is about grams. Why is there so much variation from grams in the samples?

Use your graphing calculator's Statistics function.

Use the eTool below to help you with this problem.
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