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  1. Solve each equation for 0 ≤ θ ≤ 360. You may need your calculator, but remember that your calculator only gives one answer. Most of these problems have more than one answer. Think about all four quadrants. Homework Help ✎

    1. sin θ = 0.5

    2. cos θ = −0.5

    3. 4 tan θ − 4 = 0

    4. 3 sin2 θ = 1

Where is the sinθ = 0.5? Remember sin is the y-value. What would θ be at those places?

θ = 30° θ = 150°

Where is the cosθ = −0.5? Remember cos is the x-value. What would θ be at those places?

Solve for the tanθ. Draw a unit circle. Where is the tanθ of that value?

Use your calculator to get one of the values. Then use symmetry to get the other 3 values. There are 4 values because when you take the square root of both sides the answer would be plus or minus!