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  1. Consider each of the following survey questions. For each one, explain any bias you find. If you think the question is unbiased (or fair), explain why. Homework Help ✎

    1. Do you agree that it is important to make ending homelessness a high priority?

    2. Which of the following factors is most important to address in order to slow global climate change?

      A. Car emissions B. Airplane emissions

      C. Pollutants from private industry D. Dependence on oil

    3. How important is it to raise teacher salaries?

The question implies that the questioner holds this opinion, thus biasing results.

The question assumes that the respondent believes that the climate is changing and will think that one of the given factors is important, and that it is important to slow global climate change, biasing results.

The question implies that teacher salaries should be raised.