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For each question below, describe a realistic method to collect information to answer the question. Be sure to indicate whether you would use a sample or census and whether your results would be parameters or statistics.

  1. What percentage of American League baseball players had a batting average above this season?

    Read the Math Notes box in Lesson 9.1.1.

    This information could be found on the web for all American League players. It would be a census, and the answer would be a parameter.

  2. How much pressure can be exerted on a chicken egg before it breaks?

    An experiment would need to be conducted on a sample of eggs. The findings would be a statistic.

  3. How many hours of television does a high school student watch per day?

    Random high school students could be surveyed, possibly from different high schools in different parts of the country. Surveying every high school student would be almost impossible, so this survey would be a sample, and the answer would be a statistic.