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Due to natural variability in manufacturing, a -ounce can of soda does not usually hold exactly ounces of soda. The quality control department at a soda factory allows cans to hold a little more or a little less. According to specifications, a soda-can filling machine must fill each can with a mean of ounces of soda and a standard deviation of ounces. The amount of soda in a can filled by filling machines can often be modeled with a normal distribution.

  1. Use your calculator to create a graph of a normal distribution using normalpdf. Sketch the graph. An appropriate value for the maximum of the relative frequency axis is Ymax .

    Bell shaped curve, x axis labeled, soda in one bottle, scaled in equal segments of 0.5, from 11 to 13, y axis, labeled, relative Frequency, scaled in 0.025's, with peak at approximately, (12, comma 1.2). Area between, x, = 11.5, & x, = 12.5, above the, x axis, & below the curve, is shaded.

  2. How often do you actually get a oz can of soda containing more than oz?

    The mean is the center (middle) of a normal distribution.

  3. What percent of cans contain between and ounces of soda? Shade your diagram from part (a) to represent these cans.

    normalcdf( mean, standard deviation)